Velvet romper and ecru cap.
- Long sleeves
- Snap closure on the front
- Claudine collar in jersey
- Elephant head motif badge and My heart embroidery on chest
- Sage green trim on collar, cuffs and feet
- Elephant print under feet
- Je t'aime lettering embroidered on the cap
- Soft and warm material
$ 34,00
Velvet romper with elephant print and beanie.
- Long sleeves
- Snap opening on the front and crotch
- my baby lettering on front
- Built-in feet
- Elephant head pattern badge and lapel on cap
$ 34,00
Velvet romper with elephant print and lettering.
- Long sleeves
- Snap opening at back and crotch
- Shirt collar
- Elephant head motif badge on chest
- Integrated feet
$ 34,00
Velvet floral print romper and beanie.
- Long sleeves
- Snapback opening
- Embroidered Claudine collar
- 2 contrasting pockets
- Label with my first major lettering on pocket
- Integrated feet
- Embroidered beanie with bow on front
$ 34,00
Romper and matching beanie.
- Long sleeves
- Snap button opening on the front
- Ruffled collar with floral print
- Fancy animation on the front
- Integrated floral print feet on bottom
- Patch with lettering on front of cup
$ 34,00
White frock coat.
• Long sleeves
• Snap opening on the back
• Neck with animal embroidery and lettering
• 2 pockets
• Embroidered rabbit motif on the pocket
$ 34,00
Pale pink and ecru frock coat.
- Long sleeves tightened at the wrists
- Snap opening on the back side
- Heart collar
- Printed animals and stars on the chest
- Metal animal badge on the chest
- Gathers under the chest
$ 34,00
White set vest and fancy velvet pants.
- Embroidered jersey collar
- long sleeves
- Snap fastener opening on the front of the vest
- Lettering bébé à croquer and fancy patterns on the chest
- Pocket with rabbit ears cutouts on the vest
- Yoke with My first major lettering on the sleeve of the vest
- Elastic waistband pants with ribbed waistband
- rabbit print on the pants
- Rabbit ears cutouts on the back of the pants
- Printed jersey lining on the vest
- Soft and comfortable material
$ 37,00
$ 34,00
Fancy fruit print romper and matching beanie.
- Long sleeves
- Ruffled collar
$ 34,00
Blue romper suit and blue hat.
- Long sleeves
- Snap front and crotch openings
- Embroidery dragon, rabbit, fox and balloon on the front
- Contrasting edging at the wrists
- Balloons embroidered on the back
- Printed balloons, clouds, dragon and fox under the feet
- Beanie with ears cut-out
- My first major label with balloon pattern on the frock coat and the hat
$ 34,00
Turtle print romper and beanie set.
- Snap opening in front and at crotch
- Long sleeves
- Round neck
$ 30,00